Visual Merchandising

Our team have been curating environments through propping, mannequins, signage, windows, hotspots, and interactive display to give customers an emotional connection to the brand and increased exposure through social channels.  



We have collaborated with the Harrods VM team to produce pop up shops for several emerging brands within the fashion department in the leading luxury department store.  


Window displays are the first part of the retail shopper journey and help create visually striking storytelling for brands.  


Using our knowledge of  retail design we are able to translate brand stories into smaller spaces whilst maintaining the integrity of the brand.  We understand the importance of creating maximum stand out for the brand to cut through the noise of a larger retail environment.  


With 40 years of retail and visual merchandising expertise of all mannequin brands and fittings, we’re trusted by some of the world’s leading brands to ensure their mannequins look fresh, pristine and represent current global trends.





We provide bespoke propping which can be sourced or produced in house to compliment retail installations.  


It’s all in the detail; we are experts in creating the finishing touches to bring about a holistic branded environment. 

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