Harrods pop-up-shops for the win!

Following our busiest December to date, we have collaborated with the Harrods VM team to produce pop up shops for several emerging brands within the fashion department in the leading luxury department store.  

Harrods have been working on many collaborations to give up-and-coming brands, exposure, and a great platform to promote themselves in their prestigious store. 

The brands we work with usually have an existing brand identity so as an incumbent supplier to Harrods we ensure material specifications and procedure are followed to deliver the perfect space in store.  This includes signage, furniture, POS, mannequins, and the props needed to create a pop-up shop which works for both the brand and Harrods.

Some of the brands we have helped launch in store are, La Double J, My Wardrobe, Marcia Lucia, The Vampires Wife, Chenpeng and more recently a great collaboration for Palace. 

Brands should consider the following when embarking on a pop-up-shop journey:

  1. Location – this will determine footfall and visibility
  2. Size – it’s important to consider size of space, access, and visibility in store
  3. Shopper profile – ensure consumer demographic at the location is right for your product
  4. Budget – use an end to end retail design agency such as wearesdi who have in house manufacture from a budget and control perspective
  5. Sustainability – as we move into 2022 and beyond this will become an important part of all design considerations

Wearesdi is home to a 90,000sqft manufacturing facility where our projects are crafted. We work with multiple substrates and take complete ownership of every project. Our large facility has a dry build area which allows the space to be viewed before it goes live in store. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.

Wearesdi are experts in pop-up and event spaces. If you are looking for support with design and manufacture, we can help. Contact our team today – hello@wearesdi.com

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