The Conran Shop + LG OLED + Yinka Ilori

The Conran Shop needed a bespoke and positive entrance for their Chelsea and Marylebone store windows to promote their outdoor collection and to coincide with London Craft Week

The collaboration

After 3 years since the last event The Conran Shop wanted to produce a showstopper and make an ‘re-entrance’ to be remembered. 

From here the collaboration of dreams was formed.   They partnered up with LG OLED (our client) and talented artist Yinka Ilori who has the creative vision.  The creative output utilised a vivid colour palette, playful and a beacon of hope and optimism for the future

Animated on a psychedelic loop, the giant, kaleidoscopic eyes watch you as you pass, with pupils melting into blossoming flowers, and blinking into joyful explosions of colour. You can’t help but be mesmerised by the display thanks to the intense colour capacity of the LG screens. 

 A wonderful fusion of technology, design, and art. 

Ilori provided concepts and we set to work to translate this into a reality.  As a provider or crafted and bespoke solutions to the retail industry for over 40 years we were the perfect fit for the partnership. 

The LG OLED TV’s are each nestled within eye shaped boxed which were individually produced by hand and finished to perfection.  Our most colourful project to date! 

Our team then meticulously installed the storefronts just in time for the launch party and London Craft Week. 

London Craft Week 2022


Insight & Design
customer journey mapping, format design, retail design translation

Make & Source
carpentry, metalwork, flooring, lighting 

Supply & Fit
assembly, delivery, installation and project management

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