We are.. Mannequin Restorers

As part of of end-to-end retail services few may know but we are specialists in mannequin repair and restoration. This service is carried out by our team of skilled crafts people, with over 50 years of expertise and trust. Our services include:

Mannequin Renovation
Our approach is to encourage the repurpose of damaged and well used mannequins restoring them as new. Fibreglass mannequins are almost impossible to recycle, they do not decompose when they need not be disposed of, however a renovation can bring a mannequin back to an almost new condition.

• Dedicated mannequin experts
• Exclusive mannequin workshop
• We work on a wide range of UK and international mannequin brands
• Mannequin adaptations, head removal for example.
• Wide range of standard and bespoke colours and finishes.
• Hand painted make up as required to client specification
• Bespoke wig sourcing
• Logistics and planning of roll out programmes
• Bespoke projects undertaken
• Our clients vary from department stores, multiple groups to individual retailers
• Sourcing of mannequins and bust forms to clients brief

Perfect for a simple colour change or for unused mannequins in need of a quick update. Standard or bespoke colours are no problem.

It’s all in the detail…chips, dents, scratches and any surface damage is meticulously filled. A perfect surface is achieved by sanding. Followed by undercoat and a respray, with detailed checks along the way for imperfections. Followed on by a full respray in your chosen colour and finish. Finally all fittings and functionality are checked

Repair and renovation
Fibreglass hands and feet, paint scratches, cracks and damage are all repairable by our experts. Along with refit and a fittings change. Replacement parts can even by manufactured for extreme repairs

Make up
Our talented artists hand paint make up and source wigs. We follow client specific briefs to ensure the results we create the exact look.

To request our mannequin swatch book please contact mannequins@wearesdi.com

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