So, we look a little different, huh?

This is the result of a process we started in October of last year; not just to evolve our logo and colours, but more importantly spending time as a leadership team to really understand why we do what we do and how we make sense of that in the changing world around us.

Guided by strategic brand agency rbl, we engaged in conversation with both our staff and clients to consider what we’re really about.

We started with a strong feeling that we were underplaying what we do, that being a ‘manufacturer of point-of-sale retail solutions’ was somewhat underselling our capabilities. We realised that what our teams add from the design & creative input at the front end of the journey, right through to the teams who fit the installations in-store was just so much more than that. And interestingly our customers felt the same way.

So, we’re going to be telling our story differently. We’ve recognised that the core of what we do is about helping brands deliver more creative spaces, more engaging experiences that connect with their audience, and ultimately drive better commercial results. And that starts with imaginative, well thought-through design driven by our experienced team. You won’t find anything leaving our factory that hasn’t been expertly and beautifully designed but most of all, it helps the client to deliver results.

Manufacturing is in our DNA and our capabilities remain central to what we do, however we know that the end-to-end nature of our offer is what our clients truly value.

And whilst how we look may have changed, the fundamentals haven’t. We’re still the same straightforward and honest people as before with the same commitment, creativity, expertise and hunger. We might just talk about it a little differently.

We are (still) sdi.

We’d love to help you