Tesco goalposts

Helping customers make informed choices around HFSS purchases in stores.  

Our solution

We have been working with Tesco on the roll out of various retail display units across the estate. 

The ‘goalposts’ brief aimed to create functional retail display which worked with the existing Tesco bays and create destinations and hotspots in aisle to highlight healthy eating, promotions and campaigns.  

Working in collaboration with Tesco, we created goalposts which would roll out across the Tesco estate including express, extra and superstores.  (Express later in November)

These goalposts were developed from the ground up to be installed by store colleagues, we implemented clever QR code technology enabling store colleagues ease of a visible install guide.  All completed in house at our Leicestershire based factory and sprayed various colours. 

 The production and roll out programme was executed within 5 weeks and landed in 662 stores nationwide.  

We have supplied various mod options including 1 and 2 mod bays.  All graphic elements are interchangeable, and the kit of parts is flexible and modular for ease of updates and movability in store. 

The goalposts were originally trialled to facilitate the HFSS regulations in store and promote healthy eating bays and allow customers to make healthier choices.  Read more:

Tesco Preparing for HFSS Regulations (shopfloorinsights.co.uk)

“As one of our longest standing customers, we always enjoy providing in store solutions for Tesco and being engaged to deliver, nationwide the HFSS Goalpost rollout has been no exception.  HFSS implementation will be key to aid customer navigation and in turn ROI across category” 

Matt Evans, Director

Insight & Design
Creative design, technical development 

Make & Source

Prototyping, roll out production 

Supply & Fit
Delivery to store, staff implemented via QR code

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