We were challenged to design a flexible ‘shop in shop’ solution for outdoor brand Rab, to enable them to deliver their experience globally

Our solution

Rab’s strong, rugged brand needed an environment that matched. But it also needed a solution that was flexible and adaptable to different shop layouts anywhere in the world.

To reflect the brand we chose industrial materials including concrete, metal and wire mesh.

Designed with disassembly in mind we created shelving solutions that could be easily switched around, allowing outlets to change display styles and positioning to fit their available retail space. To ensure easy and safe worldwide shipping, all solutions were delivered flat-packed.

We incorporated a digital experience by adding points of interest including lightboxes and information spots allowing customers to browse, explore and learn, whilst spotlighting product quality.

“We were hugely impressed by wearesdi’s ability to not only create a flexible solution but one which understood our brand and the changing environment that our customers are working within. Its flexibility is impressive and the fact that it works for us in the UK, US, Germany and New Zealand speaks volumes for the quality of thinking that’s gone into the design of the solution.”

Stuart, Marketing

Insight & Design
research, concept and idea generation, customer journey mapping, design, customer communications

Make & Source
manufacture in concrete, metal and wire, laser cutting, POS information mannequins and visual merchandising, lightboxes

Supply & Fit
shop installation, International flatpack delivery, visual merchandising install

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