M&S Food hall

Elevating shopper experience through simple retail display

Our solution

We’ve been working with M&S for over 20 years designing and manufacturing instore display to help them reinvent themselves and keep their stores looking fresh.

We helped M&S roll out various instore fixtures and display across their famous food halls across the UK.

We created impactful shop in shop areas within the space to display impulse items such as flowers, wine, and fresh market foods. The concept needed to be inviting and exude a fresh and market style feel. The unitary needed to fit in with the overall look and feel of the store and help elevate the interior whilst displaying as much as possible.

“We love the challenge M&S brings us. Its great see projects come to fruition in store, and the way simple display can elevate whole stores” 

Andy Morrans, Account Managers

Insight & Design
Creative design, tecnical development 

Make & Source

Retail display, sourcing

Supply & Fit
assembly, delivery and installation

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