Kurt Geiger Global Pop Up Roll Out

We worked passionately and efficiently to deliver exceptional end to end solutions from brief to manufacture of 36 pop-ups across Europe, Central and North America and the Middle East.

Our solution

The visionary bohemian spirit is captured through stunning and playful VM displays, together with a bespoke range of mannequins, all managed through by our in house team from brief, through to manufacture & installation. 
In a whirlwind of colour, your senses are taken on an exploratory journey of Matthew Williamson’s stand-out print, designed using Kurt Geiger’s signature colours, an experience wearesdi had the honour of creating.

A vibrant display of high-end fashion and award-winning design. Spanning across 8 countries and 27 cities, not to mention its global launch in the world’s most renowned stores, it is a rollout to be proud of for wearesdi. 

Landing in high-end department stores across the globe and bringing a touch of the bohemian spirit to cities such as Amsterdam’s De Bienkorf, Athens’ Attika, Bordeaux’s Galleries Lafayette, and more. From Dubai’s Al Tayer to London’s Westfield, Los Angeles’ Bloomingdales to Paris’ Galleries Lafayette, each carefully curated pop-up showcases Kurt Geiger’s iconic designs in prestigious locations worldwide.


Using Kurt Geigers initial creative we were tasked with designing the detail of the concept across materiality, creative artwork, bespoke mannequins & construction methods. This ensured suitability in the solutions for concept realisation globally. We designed in the capability to de-rig and store with the aim of each piece being re-purposed after use.


We used our in-house manufacturing facilities, as well as our close connections with global partners for the local manufacture of pop-ups overseas.

Our end to end expertise ensured consistency of construction, quality control and carbon footprint minimisation across all locations.


The vibrant display of high end fashion and award winning design, all managed by our in house team, culminated in a seamless, successful & simultaneous global installation and launch of 36 pop-ups.

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