Boots Christmas

Providing a family of simple retail displays to bring Christmas gifting closer to consumers.

Our solution

We’ve been working with Boots for over 5 years designing and manufacturing instore display to help them reinvent themselves and keep their stores looking fresh.

Working with Boots we created a family of gifting furniture which could be displayed individually or as a family to create a larger shop in shop area.  Each can be dressed to create promotions or seasonal events designed to create impact at the front of store. 

We created impactful gifting tables to display impulse gifting which were easy to shop and merchandise.

All units together to create a larger shop in shop to create visibility and add theatre in store. 

An end-to-end project, we designed the look and feel of the units then our engineering team provided detailed drawings considering instore requirements, transportation to store and end of life.  We always ensure sustainability is at the forefront of the production elements for larger projects and we have made sure the units have been engineered for disassembly, screwed and not glued and designed for longevity in store to account for multiple campaigns in store once Christmas is over.

“We love working with Boots to find creative solutions to in store challenges. Its great see projects come to fruition in store, and the way simple display can elevate whole stores” 

Matt Evans, Director

Insight & Design
Creative design, technical development 

Make & Source

Retail display, sourcing

Supply & Fit
Assembly, delivery and installation

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