Work experience week!

wearesdi welcomed Thomas and Niamh to our Leicestershire HQ last week for a weeks work experience. They spent time with every department learning the business and processes as well as getting hands on in our factory. An opportune time for them to have visited as they got to oversee a project getting prepped and packed to go to the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham!

As part of our ongoing commitment to CSR we welcome students to spend a week with us and learn all aspects of the business. We offer the opportunity for young students to learn the ropes whether it be marketing, design or on the manufacture side with our workshop services.

Thomas Trainor – work experience – “I chose to do work experience at SDI because I see myself entering the design industry in the future, and after looking at the SDI portfolio decided that it would be a good place to learn about the wide world of product design.

At SDI I have learned so much invaluable information about designing and creating graphic products and solutions. The design team has taught me about designing products tailored to specific clients from boots to M&S, and I’ve learned a lot about marketing and brand image.

I’ve had opportunities to see and learn about the many different departments like Advertising, and the Design Office, I’ve even had a tour of the factory where everything is made and shipped off to the client.

Overall, working at SDI has been an experience that is sure to aid me in my future work as I’ve learned some useful skills that will assist me wherever I may go next”.

We love having young people spend time with us as they offer a different perspective and are dynamic in their approach to work!

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