When hygiene solutions became our new normal..

We take a look back at how hygiene solutions became an integral part of our core offering.

In the wake of a pandemic and with no clear end in sight, the future of our business, like many others, looked a little uncertain. As an end-to-end company for POS display solutions, the closing of the retail industry left us understandably concerned. How long would the pandemic last? When would retail stores open? Would brick and mortar stores ever be the same? How would we ensure our business survived? Better yet, how would we ensure it thrived?

Gathered around our boardroom table, we spent considerable time discussing what makes us who we are. We broke down our design and manufacturing processes, equipment, and the technology we use. We realised so many of these processes could be adapted and modified and that instead of making retail display solutions, such as frames, display cases and plinths, we could put all our collective expertise into making solutions that would help our clients stay safe during the pandemic. With a skilled team of welders, carpenters, powder-coaters and more, and the materials available to us, the opportunities to create a variety of products was endless.

Hygiene solutions became our new normal. We began designing bespoke branded hand sanitiser stations for leading retailers including M&S, Boots and Tesco, along with the NHS. Before we knew it, we’d produced 450,000 stations from our factory in Loughborough, which were then distributed to stores across the UK. We’d be surprised if you hadn’t used one of our stations!

The journey continued; our acrylic specialists worked tirelessly to create 200,000 sneeze guards and face shields. Together, we’ve travelled over 50,000 miles installing stations and screens into your favourite retailers.

Weeks turned into months and our factory was a hive of PPE activity, every item finished by hand and quality checked before being packaged and delivered to our clients. Our team consistently pulled out all the stops to ensure clients received their solutions in a timely manner and could continue to keep their own customers safe.

In short, by diversifying our offer to meet changing needs, we’ve enjoyed a successful 18 months and we’re thankful not only to our teams, but also our clients whose continued trust in our expertise has paved the way for our next chapter.

As we dive into 2022 and the need for hygiene continues at retail get in touch to see how we can help with the supply of bespoke sanitiser stations and more. hello@wearesdi.com

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