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Visual merchandising allows customers to engage and interact with brand and products, creating ‘touch moments’ and allowing social instants and photo worthy opportunities. 

Our team have been curating environments through propping, mannequins, signage, windows, hotspots, and interactive display to give customers an emotional connection to the brand and increased exposure through social channels. 

It’s all in the detail; we are experts in creating the finishing touches to bring about a holistic branded environment.  Our team of creative artists all work to bespoke client specification. We have helped both mainstream and emerging brands with their VM presence completing a number of instore concessions, pop ups and window displays.

Window displays are the first part of the retail shopper journey and help create visually striking storytelling for brands.  They are designed to draw attention to products and highlight seasonal or promotional campaigns whilst driving footfall into store.  

Here are 6 visual merchandising trends to consider for your store:

  1. Mannequins – come in all shapes and sizes and will make your space feel busy and helps sell product
  2. Experiential – provide a unique shopper experience
  3. Simplicity – sometimes less is more. Reduce clutter and focus on the product
  4. Phygital – merging physical retail and digital platforms to create an immersive experience
  5. Social – create ‘instagramable’ moments allowing people to share for free promotion
  6. Sustainability – as we move into 2023 and beyond this will become an important part of all design considerations

Wearesdi is home to a 90,000sqft manufacturing facility where our projects are crafted. We work with multiple substrates and take complete ownership of every project. Our large facility has a dry build area which allows the space to be viewed before it goes live in store. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.

wearesdi are experts in visual merchandising. If you are looking for support with design and manufacture, we can help. Contact our team today – hello@wearesdi.com

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