wearesdi support Morrisons with ‘zero waste’ trial.

We are supporting Morrisons with their ‘zero waste’ store trial which aims to recycle all packaging and unsold food by 2025.

Partnering with Morrisons we produced recycling stations for a 6 store pilot which if successful will roll out to 500 supermarkets across the UK.

The stations have been produced using 100% recycled plastic sheets which can be recycled or repurposed at the end of life. The stations were designed to be simple and fit for purpose whilst having consumer friendly messaging.

To combat food waste, the supermarket said it will also offer more unsold goods through its Too Good To Go app, where surplus food is sold at a heavy discount.

This initiative has been really well received in the press and reported on by major news outlets. To read the full article view here Morrisons to trial first ‘zero waste’ stores | ITV News

Jamie Winter sustainability procurement director at Morrisons said: “We believe that we can, at a stroke enable these store trials to move from recycling around 27% of their general waste to over 84% and with a clear line of sight of 100%.

He added: ‘All waste collected in our stores will be recycled here in the UK – we will not reprocess anything abroad. If we’re successful, well roll this zero waste store concept out across the UK as fast as we can.

As a manufacturer in the retail industry we are always keen to design with purpose and design and source responsibly. This is the perfect porject

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