Seen – Glossier Flagship, London

We’ve been trying to get to see the first Glossier flagship store outside the USA, since its launch in December so were excited to see the store as part of a recent trip to the capital.

Created by their internal design team, it featuring an ornate logo designed to reflect the shop’s historical location on Covent Garden.  (One of the only remaining buildings on the Piazza).

Greeted by security and a huge intricate G logo, the 7m high foyer in the entrance is grand and you immediately feel special. 

The interior of the store does a great job of retaining the balance of the buildings heritage whilst layering in materials synonymous with the modern brands trademark style.  Every inch of the store has been considered with cladding and features which embellish the overall concept. 

The environment is a total girly playground which encourages product testing and play. The store colour palette is various pinks and nude hues with marble features in abundance.  The space is well illuminated with a mixture of ambient and feature lighting and large mirrors make the space feel spacious and open. 

The product is displayed flat which looks uniformed and neat.  The boutique could benefit from a little more product information and navigation if you are not familiar with the brand.  Although that said, staff are in abundance and on hard to help with any product questions which is refreshing to have a personal touch. 

Glossier quote.

“We took inspiration from the architecture and rich history of this particular townhouse, the oldest in Covent Garden,” said Adriana Deleo, Glossier’s deputy creative director and head of its in-house design team.

We love getting out and about and love what Glossier have done with this store!  

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