Mannequin Renovation

We specialise in the respray, repair and renovation of mannequins including bespoke wig sourcing and hand painted make-up application.

With 40 years of retail and visual merchandising expertise of all mannequin brands and fittings, we’re trusted by some of the world’s leading brands to ensure their mannequins look fresh, pristine and represent current global trends.

We recognise mannequins to be a significant investment for a retailer and as such you need them to embody your brand’s identity to the absolute best every day.

Fibreglass mannequins are impossible to recycle and do not decompose but they needn’t be disposed of. 

Our approach is to encourage the repurpose of weathered and well used mannequins and restore them to their former glory.

We’re proud to offer an extensive colour palette as standard ranging from flesh tones to the full RAL spectrum, along with matching to BS colours in matt, satin or gloss finishes. 

We also offer premium finishes in pearlescent, metallic or Nextel.

From simple repairs to complete restorations, our renovation services will save you money in the long term by breathing new life into your tired mannequins allowing your imagination and creativity to shine.



Recommended option for a new mannequin that requires a colour change or ideal for unused mannequins that need a quick update. 

We will respray your mannequin as supplied in standard body colours or a bespoke colour. 

Please note, this service does not include repairs.


We’ll start with the basics and fill in any chips, dents, scratches or surface damage then sand back to perfect the surface. 

Following the undercoat, we will check for imperfections before fully respraying in a standard body colour or bespoke colour and finish of your choosing. 

We will check all fittings are allowing the correct functionality and will alter poses as you wish.

Repair & Renovate

We’re able to repair most fibreglass mannequins which have sustained damage to the hands and feet, paint scratches and scuffs and chips, cracks or dents to the paintwork.

We can refit or replace metal fittings and repair ankle & foot rods. For extreme repairs, we can manufacture replacement parts.

We complete this service with a full renovation.





It’s all in the detail; no mannequin is complete without a custom-made wig and carefully applied hand painted make-up, tattoos and paint effects. 

Our team of creative artists all work to bespoke client specification.

We’d love to help you