In partnership with Impact Food Group we have been taking the school dining experience to the next level.

We have been working with schools and Universities to create bespoke and vibrant front of house dining areas with the main aim on driving commercial results and encouraging dwell time and spend for students.  We have worked with primary through to further education settings so understand the needs for each setting. 



We have over clad existing counters and painted walls to create a designed led interior.  

Front of house

We have provided the perfect backdrop to serve food.  A cohesive look and feel which combines functionality and aesthetics.  


If your school is lucky enough to have a café imagine having one as lovely as this!  We took an unused space and created a warm and welcoming café to free up space in the dining hall.  


Our graphics and branding department help create new visual identities for signage and directional navigation to aid the decision making process during busy periods.  

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