A visual experience to show-off a new summer wear collection and increase customer spend

Our solution

We wanted to create a sense of fun by delivering a bright, eye-catching display that would immediately create a summer beach feel.

To enhance the summer collection we designed bold and vibrant props using the same colour palette to draw people in and create immediate impact. Carefully sourced samples were reviewed with the client before deciding on the selection.

We proudly presented a final collection, including oversized ice-creams, pineapples and enormous brightly coloured flamingos, all sourced or made by us using durable and striking materials that would keep their sparkle throughout the whole season.

We then managed the distribution of the products nationwide ensuring that each store received the right assets in time for the season’s launch.

“wearesdi were a dream to work with; they took a fun and exciting brief and executed it smoothly. The project management was excellent, we received bespoke designed samples quickly, regular updates and the campaign received lots of press attention.”

Alex, Senior Visual Merchandising Manager

Insight & Design
retail strategy, creative design, visual merchandising

Make & Source
storage, pick and pack, nationwide distribution

Supply & Fit
assembly, delivery and installation

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