Hygeine Solutions

As a supplier to the retail industry when the COVID 19 pandemic hit we shifted our attention to the needs of clients who would stay open throughout and very quickly hygiene solutions became our new normal.

We began designing bespoke branded hand sanitiser stations for leading retailers including M&S, Boots and Tesco, along with the NHS.



We were even lead supplier for Reckitt Benckiser at the COP26 Summit in Glasgow.

Sanitiser Stations

Before we knew it, we’d produced 450,000 stations from our factory in Loughborough, which were then distributed to stores across the UK.  

Acrylic Screens

The journey continued; our acrylic specialists worked tirelessly to create 200,000 sneeze guards and face shields. Together, we’ve travelled over 50,000 miles installing stations and screens into your favourite retailers.

Key Supplier

Flash forward to 2022 and we are still a key supplier to retailers for hygiene solutions and help keep consumers safe and retail open. 

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